Schedules of Condition

Schedules  of  Condition  reports  are  produced  for  our  clients  mainly  in  conjunction  with commercial leases and Party Wall Awards.

These  reports  record  the  state  of  a  property  and  are  appended  to  the  lease  at  the commencement  of  a  new lease or  at  the time of  “assigning”  an existing lease to a new Tenant.

These  reports  are  admissible  in  court  and  protect  interests  with  regard  to  potential Dilapidations claims at the termination of a lease.

They may also be required as  part  of  a  Party  Wall  Award relating to proposed adjacent construction.

We provide professionally documented detailed reports in a table format, Known as a Scott Schedule along with photographic evidence.

To discuss schedules of condition reports in more detail please call or email us.

Schedules of condition