Party Wall Matters

If you are considering extending your property, building to the boundary line or cutting into a Party Wall, then you will need a Party Wall Award.

If a Building owner is altering their property, either proposing to cut into or use a party wall to support a structure or build adjacent or near to an existing property, then they are required to serve Notice under the Party Wall Act.

The Act applies to both residential and commercial building owners who are undertaking construction within 6 metres of an adjoining property or affecting the Party Wall structure.

We can act impartially for both the Building Owner and adjoining Owner under the Act. Party Wall Notices and Awards ensure that the interests of both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner are protected under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

This will also include a schedule of condition on the adjoining property to make note of its condition prior to works starting.

To discuss how we may help in party wall matters in more detail please email or call us.

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