Homebuyers Report

The Homebuyer Service is a standard formatted report produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is designed specifically as an economy service and is best suited to standard forms of construction and on properties that are less than 60 years old and have not been significantly extended or altered.

The Homebuyer Service is designed to report on anything that materially affects the value,such as serious defects.  It differs from the building survey in that the level of reporting and detail is far less with the homebuyer survey and for this reason it is a cheaper survey type.

The Homebuyer Report comprises:

  • An inspection of the property with a concise report based on the inspection
  • The Market Valuation of the property
  • Advice on the dealing with the defects found

The Homebuyer Service does focus on significant defects and / or problems, which are urgent or significant and thus have an affect on the value of the property.

The purpose of the Homebuyer Service is to provide our clients with sufficient information to make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with the purchase and at the right price. It will also be clear what decisions and actions should be taken before contracts are exchanged.

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Homebuyer Report (David)