Drone Surveys

We use the latest drone technology and cameras to pin point potential problems and detail these in a comprehensive report.

Surveying a home or building can be risky and time consuming. We use the latest drone technology making surveying roofs and inaccessible areas of buildings much faster, safer and at a lower cost. Our surveyors can quickly gather detailed information of any building including difficult to reach areas. We then collate all the data and using high-resolution images including UHD 4K footage, diagnose any issues with the building.

The detailed drone survey footage recorded by our surveyors gives you a clear picture as to the condition of your building without the need for hiring costly plant and scaffolding to get direct access to parts of the building. By using the latest technology, aerial inspections can be accomplished in a fraction of the time.

Another major benefit of a drone survey is the speed with which large areas can be surveyed. Capturing data can be quicker, safer and less intrusive than other means or in many cases, drones can be used as a complementary add-on service alongside more traditional surveying methods.

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