Commercial  Leases  will  contain  clauses  in  the  lease  detailing  repair  and  maintenance requirements and liabilities under the lease.

These are within the lease to protect the Landlord and let the Tenant know of their responsibilities under the lease.As a new Tenant taking an assignment of a new lease or lease assignment you need to besure  of  your  responsibilities  under  the  lease.   We  can  help  protect  you  by  preparing Schedules of Condition, which can be appended to the lease and are admissible in court.

The purpose of the schedule is to record the condition of the building at the start of the lease so to limit the potential dilapidations claim at the termination of the lease.  Our reports are clearly laid out highlighting the defects evident along with photographic evidence.

We can prepare interim and terminal Schedules of Dilapidations on behalf of the Landlord and will negotiate on behalf of either the Landlord or the Tenant and we act for Tenants in any final dilapidation claims issued by the Landlord. We can also act for the Landlord in serving the dilapidations schedules.

We will undertake all necessary negotiations on behalf of either the Landlord or the Tenant and agree a financial settlement or, if required, agree scope of works and project manage the works.

To discuss how we may help in Dilapidation matters in more detail please email or call us.

Dilapidations (David)